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Shipping and Delivery Policy

Shipping and Delivery Information:

For all items currently in stock, the shipping process typically takes 2-5 business days. As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive a notification containing tracking details.

We acknowledge the extraordinary surge in demand and regret to inform you that many of our cold plunge models are currently on backorder. We kindly request that you reach out to us before making a purchase, either by emailing This step will allow us to provide you with accurate estimates regarding lead times.

Cold Plunge Baths:

Our primary aim is to make your cold plunge purchasing experience effortless and satisfying. While occurrences of shipping damage claims are infrequent, they can still transpire. If your shipment sustains damage during transit, rest assured that we will promptly address the issue to your contentment. Should the need arise for you to return an item, please familiarize yourself with our policy outlined below:

Visible Loss or Damage: Any external signs of loss or damage incurred during transit are categorized as visible loss or damage. It is essential to note such instances on the delivery receipt and have them acknowledged by the carrier’s agent (the driver).

Concealed Loss or Damage: Damage that occurred during transit but was not immediately apparent upon delivery is termed concealed loss or damage. Due to rough handling during transportation, it’s possible for the contents within boxes to be harmed without outwardly damaging the packaging. If such a scenario arises, we urge you to contact us right away for guidance on filing a claim. Should a claim be necessary, preserving the original packaging in which the damaged merchandise arrived is crucial. It’s important to thoroughly inspect all received boxes and their contents for concealed damage within 5 business days of delivery.

In most cases, the driver won’t be able to wait while you unpack the boxes. If this is the situation, please make a note of “Possible Concealed Damage” on the delivery receipt.

Receiving Your Shipment: When receiving your shipment, please follow these steps:

  1. Your shipment may comprise multiple individual boxes arranged on a single pallet. The pallet will need to be separated for unloading. Your cold plunge bath will be delivered with a lift gate service and a scheduled delivery appointment. The driver will assist in moving the cold plunge off the truck. Please note that delivery is limited to curbside only.

  2. Examine the shipment for any visible signs of container damage. If the boxes appear dented, crushed, scratched, punctured, or cut, it’s vital to document these issues on the bill of lading. If there’s a possibility of damage, it might be necessary to open the box and specify the actual damage on the bill of lading. Accuracy is key.

  3. Boxes that have been dropped might not exhibit apparent external damage. You might want to open such boxes before the driver departs to ensure that the contents haven’t suffered concealed damage. If the driver is unable to accommodate this, note “Possible Concealed Damage” on the delivery receipt. Open these boxes as soon as possible, preferably within 5 days of delivery, to conduct an inspection for damage.

Declining a Freight Shipment & Freight Carrier Fees for Plunge Magic: In the event that your cold plunge bath shipment arrives damaged and unusable, there could be a need to reject part or the entirety of the order. Before taking such action, please get in touch with us via email at

Kindly be aware that any additional fees imposed by the freight carrier, such as those for re-delivery, become the responsibility of the customer unless specified otherwise in your order. While liftgate service and delivery notification are standard for all orders, if you request supplementary services that incur fees, those charges will be billed to your credit card. If the freight carrier encounters difficulties in delivering the freight due to challenges in contacting you or scheduling appointments, storage fees may be applied by the carrier. In such cases, it’s important to understand that all storage fees are the customer’s responsibility and will be charged to your credit card. Once more, please remember that delivery is exclusively curbside